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logoRedesign Services – we transform a room for you in ONE DAY!

We are excited to offer this amazing and unique service. We will magically transform one room of your choice into a stunning and wonderful space. Think of it as a “make-over” for your room.

Triangle One Day Decorating provides a beautiful blend of old, new, color, and creativity. We use what you already own, incorporate your style and favorite colors, and if needed shop for art, accessories, or that perfect piece of furniture – all on an affordable budget set by you!

Our process:
We start with a two-hour consultation where we discover your decorating DNA – your style, what you want to use the room for, and the colors you want. We measure your room, assess what will go and what will stay, and discuss your inspiration for transforming your room. From there, we make a plan, do the shopping for you, and then schedule your room installation. Once we finish, you come back for an HGTV ‘Move that Bus’ moment for your amazing room reveals!

“Oh my gosh! It’s amazing! I am floored Barb! This room is beyond…
beyond what I could even imagine! I am in love with this room! It’s gorgeous!” -- Tina

Call us at 919-426-5089 to schedule this incredible service.  We’ll transform your room in ONE DAY!